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How does a diode laser work?
How does a diode laser work?

LASER means Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. It is a light which can have several wavelengths. Currently, different laser systems are on the market for intraoral use. Depending on the wavelength, they are called diode, Nd:YAG, Er:YAG or CO2.

The laser creates an intense beam of light energy, which travels down a thin fiber optic cord. This energy is converted to heat within the target tissue because of its pigmentation. There is a photothermal interaction that creates a highly localized thermal effect for tissue vaporization with very minimal collateral tissue damage.

Frequently, laser therapy is used as a desirable and dependable alternative to the traditional scalpel surgery. It is easily able to reshape oral soft tissues and increase homeostasis by heat-induced coagulation and occlusion of arterioles, venules and capillaries. The advantages of the use of LASER technology is that it gives a clear and visible surgical field, it has a bactericidal effect, and causes less pain, swelling and healing time.

by Michael Miyasaki, DDS from dentaleconomics.com

By Dagmar Else Slot, RDH, MSc from dentistryiq.com

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